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Will it give me Covid?

You can’t catch Covid from the vaccine and it will reduce your chance of becoming seriously ill from the disease.

It may take a few weeks for your body to build up protection from the vaccine. And like all medicines, no vaccine is completely effective – some people may still get Covid despite having a vaccination, but if they do it should be less severe. You need to have both doses for maximum protection.

Whilst you can’t catch Covid from the vaccine, it’s possible to have caught it and not realise you have the symptoms until after your vaccination appointment. If you have symptoms, it’s important to get a Covid test. It’s still important to follow guidelines, even after receiving the jab.


Asked 14 Jun

Should I get it now?

Millions of people have now been vaccinated against Covid. The vaccine is the best defence against the virus, so the sooner you're vaccinated, the sooner you’ll begin to protect yourself and your community. Vaccinating as many people as possible should reduce the levels of local infections too.

Asked 14 Jun

Has it been tested?

The approved vaccines have met strict standards of safety and quality. They have been tested on tens of thousands of volunteers in multiple clinical trials and given to millions of people. Reports of serious side effects have been extremely rare, but some vaccines may be recommended for people under 40.

Asked 14 Jun

How was it made so quickly?

The Covid vaccines have been developed, assessed and independently approved using the same processes that would normally be used to develop a vaccine. They have been through clinical trials involving tens of thousands of volunteers, a testing process which tells us they are safe and effective.

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