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Has it been tested?

All the vaccines have been through clinical trials involving tens of thousands of volunteers. This is a rigorous testing process which produces evidence of the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness.

The MHRA, the body that regulates medicines in the UK, carried out a rigorous scientific assessment of all of the available evidence for each of the vaccines and took advice from the Commission on Human Medicines before approving the vaccines for use in the UK. The MHRA has determined that all vaccines are safe and effective in the fight against Covid.

Currently the Joint Committee for Vaccinations and Immunisations (JCVI) has advised that it is preferable for people under 40 to have a vaccine other than Oxford/AstraZeneca.

The MHRA has a legal duty to constantly assess all of the vaccines being used. A safety monitoring process is in place, and the MHRA regularly publishes reports on Covid vaccine safety.


Asked 14 Jun

Should I get it now?

Millions of people have now been vaccinated against Covid. The vaccine is the best defence against the virus, so the sooner you're vaccinated, the sooner you’ll begin to protect yourself and your community. Vaccinating as many people as possible should reduce the levels of local infections too.

Asked 14 Jun

Will it give me Covid?

You can’t catch Covid from the vaccine. It may take a few weeks for your body to build up protection against the virus, but it will reduce your chances of becoming seriously ill. You need to have both doses for maximum protection.

Asked 14 Jun

How was it made so quickly?

The Covid vaccines have been developed, assessed and independently approved using the same processes that would normally be used to develop a vaccine. They have been through clinical trials involving tens of thousands of volunteers, a testing process which tells us they are safe and effective.

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