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How to order a self-test kit

Covid is still circulating in our local communities and that’s why it’s vital that we each keep doing our bit by regularly self-testing.

We know one in three people show no symptoms at all. To help find cases that would otherwise have gone undetected, free self-testing kits are available to everyone in the region who does not have symptoms. Including those who have already received the vaccine as there is still a possibility of transmission.

Below are many ways to get a free self-test kit easily and quickly.

What is a self-test kit?

Often called lateral flow tests, a self-test kit enables a rapid result and is the first step in helping to detect those who carry the virus unknowingly. It’s important to detect symptomless people as they’re still infectious and can pass the virus on to others who are more vulnerable. 

  • It’s advised that self-testing is completed twice a week (every 3-4 days).
  • A result is given 30 minutes after completing the test.

  • If you have access to the internet, you can order lateral flow test here.
  • The kits will be delivered to your home address, free of charge.

Telephone (landline or mobile)

  • You can also order via phone by calling 119, free of charge.
  • Lines open at 7am and close at 11pm.
  • The kits will be delivered to your home address, free of charge.

Your local pharmacy or test site

  • 9 out of 10 pharmacies in England now stock lateral flow tests. Use the online postcode checker to find out the nearest pharmacy to you that provides self-test kits for Covid-19.
  • Through the Pharmacy Collect service, you can collect up to 2 packs of 7 rapid tests.
  • You can also collect self-test kits from a local test site. To find your nearest test site, visit

Your workplace

  • Your employer may have offer rapid Covid-19 tests that are taken while at work or at home. 

Nurseries, schools, colleges, universities

  • If you work within an education setting - a nursery, school, college or university - self test kits are available for you to take home and use twice weekly to help detect symptomless Covid-19 cases.

Visit a rapid lateral flow test site

  • You can visit your nearest rapid lateral flow test site to complete the test if you prefer where a trained professional can help you.
  • You may need an appointment so ensure you check this before you go. The test results are sent to you via text 30 minutes following the test.
  • To find out where your nearest rapid lateral flow test site is, visit

Feel unwell or have Covid-19 symptoms?

  • If you do feel unwell or are displaying any Covid-19 symptoms, however mildly, you must book a PCR Covid test as soon as you can.
  • Self-test Covid-19 kits are only for those not feeling unwell, displaying no symptoms.

We will continue to update this information as the situation evolves. Together we can #BeatCovidNE

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