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Artist Q&A

Alex Mulholland

We’re delighted to have local artist Alex Mulholland (known as Mul) supporting the Step Up to Beat Covid campaign. He has brought the campaign’s stirring slogans to life in his own signature style. Here he tells us how:

Q. How does it feel to be a part of the campaign?

The Step Up to Beat Covid campaign has been a fun project to apply my style of work too. It will be interesting to see how my style interacts with people on the street and how much the colours of the pieces stand out on the billboards across the region.

Q. What inspires your art style?

My style of work is heavily influenced by music, my letters and characters are designed to be fun and put a smile on your face as they bounce along walls across the North East.

Q. How would you describe your art style?

I think my style can translate easily across formats/mediums, it is easy to read, understand and I often use my style to convey messages or song lyrics. My work looks best when it is outside in the public domain, it's what it is designed for; to grab your attention and transform a mundane street corner into a vibrant piece of art.

My style of art would fall into the graffiti/street art category but I like to call it ‘Disco Style’, often relating to the fun quotes and lyrics that I paint. I always use spray paint to create my pieces of art often combined with emulsion paint for larger pieces.  

Q. Why do you believe Step Up To Beat Covid is important?

I think it’s a strong campaign that certainly appeals to a younger audience and the bottom line is that we need to try and get on with things as much as we can whilst being respectful of others.

Q. What is your hope for your campaign artwork?

I’m interested to see the reception they get, it’ll certainly be nice to see my work out and about in places and on the move.

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