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Step Up To Beat Covid

Behaviours like wearing a mask and social distancing aren’t mandatory any more. But that doesn’t mean they don’t help. Even when we don’t have to follow any rules, we can still do what’s right, and help to prevent the spread of the virus in our own communities. 

That’s what stepping up means. It’s for the people by the people. We can all still look out for our friends, colleagues, and family, by masking up, taking a test, and getting vaxxed. Not because we have to, just because we know it can help to beat Covid.

We worked with local artists to create our latest Step Up campaign, reminding people that these little behaviours can still have a big effect on reducing the spread of Covid. 

Alex Mulholland

Artist and graphic designer, Mul, creates eye-catching pieces of work across the country. His bold, colourful style, brings the positive feeling to our campaign. 

Laura Sheldon

Laura is a designer and illustrator, with a passion for socially conscious work. Her quirky, people-centric designs, helped us to keep the campaign fun and hopeful. 

Vaccine Hesitancy

The Covid vaccine is our best protection against the virus, but It’s okay if you have a question about it. The more we answer, the more jabs we’ll get in people’s arms and the stronger the North East will be.

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